Recycled expressway: the Big Dig House

Boston’s Big Dig highway project (the 10-year process of burying the I-93 expressway) created masses of construction debris; this “Big Dig House”, built by Single Speed Design, incorporates more than 600,000 pounds of steel and concrete salvaged from the waste.

Big Dig House by Single Speed Design

the original owner & engineer of the house is a civil engineer who worked on the Big Dig; his wife is a water resources engineer who designed a rainwater collection system that waters the two roof gardens. a few details that intrigue me: the radiant heat flooring is actually reused concrete roadway; a 27-inch girder from the expressway now braces the roof; and the basic framing of the house took only two days. more photos & more story, click on the photo above for the architect’s point of view or visit Apartment Therapy Boston for the current owners’ decorating choices.

so…a new way to look at the Gardiner in Toronto: a potential massive source of recycled building material?


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