[1] Lord Palmerston, Henry John Temple: British Prime Minister, known for his controversial views, his fashion sense, and his frequent spats with Queen Victoria;

[2] Palmerston Island: also known as Avarau (“200 Harbors”), a single inhabitable square mile which forms the only true atoll of the Southern Cooks group of islands;

[3] Palmerston Ontario: a railway town demoted in 1999 to form part of “Minto”, the former town has an unfortunate mnemonic for its N0G 2P0 postal code–No One Goes To Palmerston Ontario;

[4] Palmerston Boulevard: a tree-lined street in the middle of Toronto, presumably named for the now-defunct town. My desk looks out onto the boulevard;

[5] Palmerstonboulevard: a blog about the idea of home, why we live where we live, and how we might make it better, written & edited by Lisa Pasold

the atoll


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